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Don Branko Sbutega Foundation Board of Directors, as one of the main producers of the KotorArt Festival and its music program, Don Branko's Music Days, decided to form the Foundation Council in March.
The Chairman of the Council is the current Admiral of the Boka Navy, Dr Antun Sbutega. A distinguished university professor in Montenegro and Italy, a member of the Order of the Knights of Malta and a Montenegrin diplomat at the Holy See and in Italy, Dr Sbutega has been associated with the work of the Foundation and KotorArt Festival from its very beginning.

Members of the Board are:

Filip Vujanović, former president of Montenegro (2003-2018). Lawyer by education, he comes from a reputable family of doctors and lawyers from Nikšić, and after his work in the justice system and as a lawyer, he has been engaged in the most important state functions in the country since 1993.



Dr Ivo Josipović, former president of Croatia (2010-2015). At only three years apart, he had finished studies of law and music composition. He has been active in Croatian political life, he is the author of sixty scientific and expert work in the field of law and he also composed numerous music work for various instruments and ensembles. 

Princ Nikola Petrovic Njegos.jpg
Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš, is a member of Petrović Njegoš dynasty. As an architect, he was the author of a number of projects in France. He is the president of Cetinje Biennale and the winner of the National Order of the Legion of Honor of France in 2017.
Tonino Lamborghini, son of the famous Lamborghini founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. He is the founder of Lamborghini brand which promotes exclusive lifestyle products- from clothes to furniture and perfumes with shops all around the world. Since 2013 he has been an Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Italy.
Marija Maja Catovic.jpg
Marija Ćatović, member of the Montenegro Parliament. She is a graduated tourism expert, mayor of Kotor (2005-2015), active in associations dealing with the status of women and was awarded the Order of the Knight of the Italian Star in 2014.
Dimitrije Popovic.jpg
Dimitrije Popović, painter and writer. Born in Cetinje, this versatile artist has exhibited in sixty solo and over five hundred group exhibitions. He is also the author of eight books and has won over twenty awards for his artistic achievements.
Guy Dockendorf (1).jpeg
Guy Dockendorf, longtime general manager of Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg. As a graduated French literature professor, he has been engaged in many important functions in Luxembourg’s and EU’s culture life since the early nineties. He was the president of the “Luxembourg- The Cultural Capital of Europe” project; President of the European Commission for Culture; President of the European Institute of Cultural Routes; President of the Chamber Orchestra of Luxembourg and other numerous artistic and cultural institutions and projects.

Membership in the Board is strictly voluntary and its activities are focused on the protection of interests and values of the Foundation on international, regional and local level, on the support regarding finances and advice about the Foundation’s work and strategic directions of its development as well as spreading the support network and admirers of the Foundation.

Final preparations are also underway to form the Foundation's Program Council, as well as the procedures for establishing other bodies aimed at strengthening the structure and more stable functioning in the future.