KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days to start on July 15th with a film program

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Beethoven also planned for the end of the Festival 


The International KotorArt Festival Don Branko’s Music Days are planned to start their programs on Wednesday, July 15th with a special screening of a film made by a German media company Deutsche Welle. A documentary film entitled “Symphony of the World” is a unique documentary piece about strength and universality of the music language and its strong messages understandable in all world meridians regardless of the cultural, religious, national, ideological, geographical and any other differences. In this case specifically, it is about Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and its various meanings. Partner of this project is Kotor’s Centre for Culture “Nikola Đurković”.
Our traditional concert for the festival’s Grand Opening has been postponed to August, because we wanted to show responsibility regarding current situation, by following all measures given by NKT and by reacting quickly and responsibly to all challenges. We plan to organize the concerts in completely controlled conditions where we can meet all the necessary criteria prescribed by the NKT. In the time when the entire world, including our society, is going through a period of uncertainty in many aspects of life, we wish to provide our audience with much needed “soul food” and even a little bit of every day joy which has been an unbreakable part of our everyday life so far. We strongly believe that mental and spiritual health are equally important as our physical health and as it has been proven in many examples from the past, that art has always been a great help in overcoming many hard periods in the history of mankind. We hope that our events will give the local population a joyful, human and more beautiful everyday life, but also a comfort and confirmation that we are all bound by a special thread, even when we are not allowed to hug one another because of social distancing, where we cannot recognize each other, because we are wearing masks or even in quarantine, protecting others from ourselves. Art of music is one of those threads. – stated PR service of the festival.
KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days have accustomed its audience to receive information in March about the program for the upcoming summer. This year, due to extraordinary circumstances, we would like to ask our audience to follow the festival’s official website www.kotorart.me, as well as social networks Facebook and Instagram pages, where we will post all possible and most likely changes in our programs. The Festival has formed several teams to
monitor closely all decisions made by the NKT and to adjust every aspect of the festival to these decisions.
The program for the Grand Opening planned for July 14th we plan to reschedule for the Closing Ceremony of this year’s festival. Considering the fact that that evening is entirely dedicated to Beethoven, we believe that it will be a nice festival frame for a yet dignified marking of his 250th birthday. As we approach that jubilee, as well as facing all the challenges of life, position and message of art in this unusual moment for the whole world, the festival is preparing additional activities and programs about which we will soon inform the public. – added the PR service of the Festival.
KotorArt Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children has begun its programs in Kotor. All plays for large audiences are postponed for August and all the accompanying programs and workshops with children from Kotor are already being held. Children are very excited and happy about it and they have reacted wonderfully in the given circumstances by quickly adjusting to their “new reality”.