Luštica Bay and KotorArt: The Victory Dream Team!


KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days and Luštica Bay have been closely and creatively cooperating for a few years at the pleasure of many visitors, local audience and guests. Sounds of the most prominent musicians of our era have spread elegance and refinement throughout the youngest town in Montenegro. For all details and information about the events, just click on “PROGRAM”.


Ottensamer 02 c Stefan Hoderath.jpg


This year’s cooperation will result in a few carefully planed events whose highlight will certainly be the concert of Yuja Wang, the most wanted pianist in the world, and Andreas Ottensamer, a fantastic first clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonic. The concert is scheduled for August 7th 2019 in the wonderful ambient of Luštica Bay. These internationally acknowledged artists will perform the identical program in Kotor’s Church of The Holy Spirit on August 9th 2019. 

Sirocco foto Amanda Lindgren.JPG


The cooperation is being continued outside of the Festival as well, so we had the opportunity to listen to Gordana Josifova Nedelkovska (oboe) and Ratimir Martinović (piano) in Luštica Bay in May as a part of Kotor’s concert season and we are also expecting one of the two introductory concerts entitled Anacrusis. As a “warm up” for KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days we will also have an opportunity to see the performance of one of the most exciting Swedish bands promoting “world music”, Sirocco, on July 9th 2019. 

Tamara Obrovac_c_Mare Milin 02.jpg


During the Festival, we will have a chance to listen to few performers as a part of the Ports of Arts series, such as Croatian jazz singer, flutist and composer Tamara Obrovac and Hungarian rock star Ildiko Keresztes. Apart from the concerts, an expert lecture of Mr. Ichak Adizes will be organized in The Chedi Hotel in Luštica Bay. Mr. Adizes is a world-famous expert in economy and leadership and he will be giving a lecture entitled Secrets of Success: Modern Companies and Leadership. The lecture is scheduled for July 16th 2019.

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“It is a true pleasure to find friends who believe in our initial ideas. Year after year the cooperation between KotorArt and Luštica Bay and its great organizational team has been growing and becoming a true partnership in creating ideas and mutual and creative program planning. Luštica Bay is the youngest town in Montenegro and the region and our Festival has been present since its foundation providing its guests and inhabitants with a quality art contents thus creating an additional attraction and value of this town in the making”, stated the Festival’s PR service.