Public Announcement

Dear audience, friends of the Festival and art lovers, 

KotorArt festival carefully follows current world events regarding the pandemic of the new COVID-19 virus. Festival’s priceless value is made not only of spiritual but also of physical wellbeing of our friends, coworkers and partners who are dedicated to organization and program realization, and health of our artists and above all health of our faithful audience. 

Beginning of KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days is planned for second half of June this year. Therefore, we are planning a grand opening and marking of the significant date in the music world: 250th birth anniversary of a music genius Ludwig van Beethoven. 

Having in mind the current world situation with the pandemic of the new COVID – 19 virus and based on present assessments, we strongly believe and hope that our planned programs of this year’s festival will be regularly performed. However, we are completely aware of the adverse situation and how small is our impact on it. 

That is why we should follow and respect the protection measures prescribed by the Government of Montenegro, governments of neighboring countries and the World Health Organization.

Stay healthy, stay at home, take care of yourselves and your loved ones! We are hoping to see you soon on our music meetings in Kotor!