A word more: KotorArt talents in the Church of the Holy Spirit

The presentation of local young musicians is especially pronounced at this year’s Don Branko’s Music Days, and for the past several years in a row, there perform the best students of the Vida Matjan School for Primary and Secondary Music Education in Kotor, with whom KotorArt intensively cooperates. The concert titled KotorArt Talents was held on Wednesday, August 1st, when there appeared Tamara Živković (flute), Boško Tujković (accordion), Boško Bismiljak (trumpet), Andrijana Jovanović (piano), Nela Drašković (oboe), as well as Sara Bashore (violin), a guest from Santa Barbara, a Kotor’s Sister City. The pianistic support to young artists was provided by pianists Marina Mikić and Tamara Jašović.

The concert was opened by Tamara Živković, a third-year Flute student at the Vida Matjan Secondary Music School under Professor Andrea Živković, who held her first solo concert at the age of thirteen and has won so far numerous awards at the competitions, among them being Golden and Silver Lyras. After her performance of the composition Cantabile et Presto by George Enescu, the program continued with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Viatcheslav Semyonov, in the performance of Boško Tujković, a third-year Accordion student under Professor Goran Ševaljević. Tujković is the winner of numerous awards at national and international competitions, Golden and Silver Lyras, special awards, and first prizes in the country and abroad. Another secondary school student, Boško Bismiljak, a fourth-year student under Professor Sara Lakičević, winner of the Golden and Silver Lyras, as well as of the first prizes at national and international competitions, presented himself to the audience with the Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra by Alexander Arutiunian.

In addition to them, there also performed the two ex-students of the School, who are now enrolled in the university. This year, Andrijana Jovanović enrolled in the Piano Studies at the Music Academy in Cetinje, while Nela Drašković studies Oboe at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Andrijana presented the pieces of Frédéric Chopin, Polonaise in A major, Op. 40, No. 1 and Etude in B minor, Op. 25, No. 10, while Nela decided upon the Solo de concours, No.3 by Charles Colin.
In the end, there appeared a guest, who, however, is the most experienced in performing. Sara Bashore is a student of Master Studies at the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB) and is currently a concert-master of the University Chamber Orchestra and the Pops Orchestra. She prepared for the KotorArt, in addition to the trio with Nela Drašković and Marina Mikić, Béla Bartók's Romanian Dances, as well.

A concert hall, that is the Church of the Holy Spirit, the outstanding piano, performance at the leading festival in the region, the professional organization – were conditions young musicians were given, so as to feel “adult” for a moment and equal with all the world famous musicians by whom year by year KotorArt is being marked. Although the support of the audience was not as high as it was expected, since all the local participants were associated with Kotor by their education or origin, the young musicians tried to stay in performance shape in these summer days and the period of summer break. The experience gained at KotoArt will be their important reference, permanently engraved in their emerging biographies.   

Boris Marković